School Building Works Management System (SBWMS) X
Background : In the recent years the workload of civil works is Govt. Schools has gone up considerably and is likely to increase further in the future. Most of these school buildings are to be constructed in remote locations making it very difficult to monitor progress of civil works/financial activities at State level and maintaining transparency in the expenditure on the work and quality of construction. Thus it was felt necessary to have a web based solution for monitoring of the large number of sanctions with a minimal support structure. Also a central mechanism was needed to monitor the various activities at field level, which would help to achieve the physical and financial target as per budget outcome.

Introduction : School Building Works Management System (SBWMS), a web enabled Online Project Monitoring System tracks the financial progress of all construction activities in the Govt. Schools undertaken by its various fields under state budget/funds. This application manages the flow of financial activities till the completion and issues the completion/utilization certificate.

  • 1 To offer an automated & transparent interface for civil work related financial activities.
  • 2 Reduce the time span in sanction allocations and utilization of civil works.
  • 3 Help department to maintaining transparency in the expenditure on the work and quality of construction.
  • 4 Doing away the needs to visit the Office of Directorate sanctioning of amount or utilization certificates for different civil works.
  • 5 Fair, transparent and in time process of civil works related activities.

Features of the System: To monitor the financial activities of different type of civil works a good number of enhanced features have been integrated in order to monitor centrally are as under:-
  • 1 User friendly screen to handle complex processes.
  • 2 Separate login credentials for different schools.
  • 3 Online accessible system facilitating instant updating of data.
  • 4 Generation of consolidated reports.

School Building Works

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School Building Works Management System
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